As the ride-sharing industry grows, changes to this model include definitions and exclusions to clearly provide that no aspects of ride-sharing or vehicle sharing are covered under our Personal Auto policy. If you have a customer requiring this type of coverage, our Commercial Auto For-Hire Livery program does cover these risks.

We define these types of risks as:

Personal vehicle sharing program: means a system or process, operated by a business, organization, network, group, or individual, that facilitates the sharing of private passenger motor vehicles for use by individuals, businesses, or other entities.

For personal vehicle sharing, while our insureds’ covered personal autos are not covered while being used by others through a vehicle sharing arrangement, our insureds are still covered when they’re using non-owned vehicles, including ones obtained through vehicle sharing arrangements.

Ride-sharing activity: means the use of any vehicle to provide transportation of persons or property in connection with a transportation network company from the time a user logs on to, or signs in to, any online-enabled application, software, website or system until the time the user logs out of, or signs off of, any such online-enabled application, software, website or system, whether or not the user has accepted any passenger(s) or delivery assignment, including the time the user is on the way to pick up any passenger(s) or property, or is transporting any passenger(s) or property.

For ride-sharing situations, our insureds aren’t covered when they’re driving for Uber, Lyft or companies of the like. But, if they’re a ride-sharing passenger they still may be able to receive the benefit of uninsured motorists and medical payments coverages, as they would while occupying any non-owned vehicle.

Transportation network company: means a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or other entity that uses any online-enabled application, software, website or system to connect drivers with clients or passengers to facilitate and/or provide transportation or delivery services for compensation or a fee.

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