Now that it’s the end of August and it feels like the summer has flown by, it’s about the time when parents start thinking about taking their kids back to school shopping for this upcoming year.

When someone says back to school shopping most of us think of paper, pens and pencils, binders in every color, maybe some new clothes or a new backpack. What many people don’t think about when they think of back to school shopping is their insurance, and why would you? It doesn’t seem like something that really ties in with buying stuff for your kids to take to school every day but looking at your insurance this time of year could be really good for your rates.

For example, it may be time to ask if a “Good Student” discount on your auto policy is something you qualify for. This would be a credit applied to the premium for a young driver on your policy because of all the effort and time you and your kids invest in their academic work. Each company has different criteria for what they’ll do for the good student discounts so the best way to see if you qualify for it is to call us up or email us a copy of your child’s most recent high school or college transcripts and ask us what we can do for you!

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