1. Defensive Driving: Taking a defensive driving course, either in person or online, offers discounts on the collision, liability and personal injury pieces of your premium and it retains the discount for 3 years from the date the course is taken!
  2. A Paperless Discount: Many insurance companies offer a discount if you switch from paper bills to paperless or computer based bills. A great way to be green while saving some green!
  3. EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer, or EFT, is a way to set up your bill to draft directly out of your checking or savings account, therefore avoiding billing fees associated with manual paper billing.
  4. Paid in Full: This discount specifically applies to your auto insurance policy, it’s the option to pay your entire premium for the year in one lump sum payment which is less than the entire year would be if you were to choose to pay your premium in installments.
  5. Low Mileage: This discount may be applicable if you drive just above or below 5,000 mile per year.
  6. Burglar or Fire Alarm Systems: If your home has a hard wired in burglar or fire alarm system many insurance companies offer discounts in their protective device credits, they also offer them for things like deadbolts, fire extinguishers and regular smoke alarms.
  7. Multi-Policy: Many people have more than one insurance policy, whether it be homeowner’s, renter’s, auto, umbrella or any other type of insurance policy a person may have, but what most people don’t always know is that insuring multiple lines of business with the same company can result in a discount.
  8. Homeownership Credit: Not to be confused with multi-policy, a homeownership credit is offered by some companies to individuals who own a home even if it isn’t insured with the company giving you the discount.
  9. Higher limits of Liability: While not necessarily a discount, carrying high limits of liability may help to keep your premium lower. While that may seem counter intuitive it’s actually true, by carrying higher limits of liability such as 300,000 combined single limit or higher, it’s an indicator of responsibility to insurance carriers who then rate you based on their assumption that you’re a responsible person.
  10. Higher Deductibles: While not necessarily a discount per se having a higher deductible can reduce your premium because it means that you’re willing to pay an initial part of your loss on your own that your company wouldn’t be responsible for.

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