1. We just got married and have no kids, why do we need life insurance? Besides we both owe thousands of dollars in college loans, all of our money has to go to those right now! 2. Life insurance? We just bought our first house and need all of our money to pay the mortgage […]

Buying a new car can be a fun but sometimes confusing experience and even experienced car buyers may at time still wonder exactly what to do in terms of their insurance and buying a car. To add a car to or replace a car on an existing policy: 1. Once you’ve decided on the car […]

Defensive Driving: Taking a defensive driving course, either in person or online, offers discounts on the collision, liability and personal injury pieces of your premium and it retains the discount for 3 years from the date the course is taken! A Paperless Discount: Many insurance companies offer a discount if you switch from paper bills […]

If you currently drive for Uber or Lyft then hopefully you know what the companies require you to have in place as far as your own insurance policy before you can begin driving. As far as personal coverages go Uber requires you to have liability coverage and comprehensive coverage. They also require that you be listed as an […]

Now that it’s the end of August and it feels like the summer has flown by, it’s about the time when parents start thinking about taking their kids back to school shopping for this upcoming year. When someone says back to school shopping most of us think of paper, pens and pencils, binders in every color, […]

This week’s post is going to be a little different than they normally are but in the spirit of Fair Week here in the Dutchess County we decided to roll with the theme! This year is the 174th Dutchess County Fair but it’s a special year for people here in Rinebeck because it’s the 100th […]

As it’s officially the last day of July it means that for all proud college parents it’s time to start thinking about move in weekend. For anyone who’s never been through one before it’s probably the first time your child is going to be living outside of your home for an extended period of time […]

The short answer to that question is yes, if your business handles any kind of Personally Identifiable Information at all then you do in fact need Cyber Liability coverage. Personally Identifiable Information might include, but is not limited to; Medical information Dates of birth Social security numbers Addresses Financial or payment information Online business transaction […]

Well I’m sure most of our first thought is the old wives tale that you’re “safe” in your car because it has rubber tires, but that’s not exactly the case. The best place to be in during a lightning storm is inside a sturdy building. While yes it is true that in your car is safer […]

That “To-Do” list we all have never seems to get any shorter, does it? That’s why it sometimes makes more sense to just hire a professional to take care of a few of the items on the list like landscaping or painting, and for the bigger items on the list that we may not be […]