The short answer to that question is yes, if your business handles any kind of Personally Identifiable Information at all then you do in fact need Cyber Liability coverage. Personally Identifiable Information might include, but is not limited to; Medical information Dates of birth Social security numbers Addresses Financial or payment information Online business transaction […]

Well I’m sure most of our first thought is the old wives tale that you’re “safe” in your car because it has rubber tires, but that’s not exactly the case. The best place to be in during a lightning storm is inside a sturdy building. While yes it is true that in your car is safer […]

That “To-Do” list we all have never seems to get any shorter, does it? That’s why it sometimes makes more sense to just hire a professional to take care of a few of the items on the list like landscaping or painting, and for the bigger items on the list that we may not be […]

With tomorrow being July 4th I’m sure many people have plans to spend the day with family and friends around a pool, lake or ocean, I know some of us certainly do! So here are some waterside safety tips to keep your family celebration afloat! • If there’s no lifeguard on duty, ALWAYS use the […]

As a business owner you might think that your commercial auto policy covers all of the supplies and tools in your truck and as such may currently be underinsured. Here are some things you might need to have to be fully covered for your vehicle, tools, supplies and any modifications to the vehicle that aren’t […]

Our Agency’s short answer to this question is YES, you should always buy the insurance when you’re renting a car! The longer answer is that yes buying the rental insurance is always a good idea, because in the event that something were to happen to the car while it’s in your charge your regular auto […]

As the ride-sharing industry grows, changes to this model include definitions and exclusions to clearly provide that no aspects of ride-sharing or vehicle sharing are covered under our Personal Auto policy. If you have a customer requiring this type of coverage, our Commercial Auto For-Hire Livery program does cover these risks. We define these types […]

Fraleigh and Rakow is consistently updating its arsenal of available coverage’s to better reflect the needs of our clients and prospects.  We noticed more and more people using airbnb as a way to monetize the unused space in their homes.  While this is a great opportunity for each of us, it is also creates huge […]

 Hudson Valley Insurance Agencies Form The Reis Management Group, LLC Frank H. Reis, Inc. has partnered with The Pleasant Valley Agency Inc, Duxbury & Hermans Inc, Fraleigh and Rakow Inc and The Mahan Agency Inc (all previously known as The Main Street Group) to create The Reis Management Group LLC.  The new operating agreement is […]