As the ride-sharing industry grows, changes to this model include definitions and exclusions to clearly provide that no aspects of ride-sharing or vehicle sharing are covered under our Personal Auto policy. If you have a customer requiring this type of coverage, our Commercial Auto For-Hire Livery program does cover these risks. We define these types […]

Fraleigh and Rakow is consistently updating its arsenal of available coverage’s to better reflect the needs of our clients and prospects.  We noticed more and more people using airbnb as a way to monetize the unused space in their homes.  While this is a great opportunity for each of us, it is also creates huge […]

 Hudson Valley Insurance Agencies Form The Reis Management Group, LLC Frank H. Reis, Inc. has partnered with The Pleasant Valley Agency Inc, Duxbury & Hermans Inc, Fraleigh and Rakow Inc and The Mahan Agency Inc (all previously known as The Main Street Group) to create The Reis Management Group LLC.  The new operating agreement is […]