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Automobile Insurance is one of the two crucial building blocks of a Personal Insurance Protection Package. If constructed correctly in conjunction with a great plan and a qualified counselor like Fraleigh and Rakow your coverage will be available and adequate at the time of loss.

“You will know the true cost of your insurance at the time of a loss.”

Greg Rakow, CIC

Automobile insurance consists of several separate but important segments:

In the most simple terms

Liability – this is your protection against a lawsuit that is a result of a car accident you are involved in.  It will pay your attorney fees as well as compensatory damages.

Property Damage – This is coverage for damage to the property of a third party.

Medical Payments – Minor injury coverage, used to avoid a lawsuit.

Personal Injury Protection – Covers you and your passengers medical bills immediately and is recoverable from an at fault party.

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist – Coverage for you if you are in an accident with a 3rd party with no insurance or less coverage then you have.

Comprehensive – Coverage for Physical Damage to your vehicle from various causes such as fire, theft, vandalism, animals as well as coverage for the window glass.

Collision – Coverage for Physical Damage to your vehicle from contact with any inanimate object.

Towing – Coverage for the towing of you vehicle after a covered loss.

Rental – Coverage for a rental vehicle if you lose the use of your car from a covered loss.

Come in or call or email Fraleigh and Rakow for further education on the intricacies of your insurance plan and more importantly your needs.