Why It’s Important to Shop Local this Holiday Season

7 December 2020

Why It’s Important to Shop Local this Holiday Season

With Black Friday coming up this week we feel it’s important to make sure that you think about your holiday shopping BEFORE you get out there and start buying! Below we’ve listed some statistics that we got from an article published on Nov. 6th 2019 by Score.org about shopping local:

1. For every $1 you spend locally $0.67 of that $1 stays in the local community.

2. $0.44 of that $0.67 goes to the small business owner and employee wages.

3. $0.23 of the $0.67 gets reinvested into other local businesses.

That means that almost 70% of your spending stays within your local community, helping your local community to grow and thrive!

Supporting your local businesses is also important because the people who own and operate them are the same people who support local kid’s sports teams, donate products, gift certificates or money to local charitable organizations, give scholarships to local high school and college kids, employ your neighbors, and much more.

Bottom line, local businesses participate in their local communities, when was the last time you remember seeing a big box store name on a kid’s t-ball uniform? Or saw a huge restaurant chain on a soccer jersey? Have you’ve ever gone to a big box store asking for a donation to your organization? You’ll be asked to fill out paperwork and submit it to a corporate office for an answer that hopefully comes in a few weeks. When you walk into a local business and ask an owner or manager they can give you the answer right away and in my experience, if they can help your cause in some way, they usually do. But the only way a local business owner can support their community is if their community supports them in turn. Remember that when you’re thinking of going Black Friday shopping and consider going Small Business Saturday shopping instead, not just this weekend but for all of your holiday shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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