Automobile Insurance

“You will know the true cost of your insurance at the time of a loss.” –Greg Rakow, CIC

Automobile insurance

Automobile Insurance is one of the two crucial building blocks of a Personal Insurance Protection Package. If constructed correctly in conjunction with a great plan and a qualified counselor like Fraleigh and Rakow your coverage will be available and adequate at the time of loss.

Automobile insurance consists of several separate but important segments:

In the most simple terms

Liability – this is your protection against a lawsuit that is a result of a car accident you are involved in. It will pay your attorney fees as well as compensatory damages.

Property Damage – This is coverage for damage to the property of a third party.

Medical Payments – Minor injury coverage, used to avoid a lawsuit.

Personal Injury Protection – Covers you and your passengers medical bills immediately and is recoverable from an at fault party.

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist – Coverage for you if you are in an accident with a 3rd party with no insurance or less coverage then you have.

Comprehensive – Coverage for Physical Damage to your vehicle from various causes such as fire, theft, vandalism, animals as well as coverage for the window glass.

Collision – Coverage for Physical Damage to your vehicle from contact with any inanimate object.

Towing – Coverage for the towing of you vehicle after a covered loss.

Rental – Coverage for a rental vehicle if you lose the use of your car from a covered loss.

Automobile Insurance FAQs

Do I have coverage if I drive for Uber?

Can I deliver Pizza?

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Should I add my child to my policy, or should they get their own?

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Should I buy the waiver from the rental car company?

What is business use vs. pleasure use vs. commute?

When should I choose Business/Commercial Auto vs. a personal policy with business use on my vehicle?

Can I get a low-mileage discount?

Why do I have to disclose all the residents in my household, even if they’re insured elsewhere?

Should I take the Defensive Driver Course?


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