Commercial Insurance

“The initial and quantifiable portion of the loss is usually survivable, it is the time that you are shut down that is often the demise of any strong business.” – Addam Rakow, CIC

Commercial Insurance

All business should have property coverage to protect what it owns and general liability to protect itself from accusations of negligence. By consulting a licensed insurance professional a business owner can determine what protection if any is needed beyond these basics. We find that many businesses require addition protection in the areas of:

Workers Compensation – This is a policy that provides coverage for employees that sustain an injury on the job.

Business Automobile – This is just what it sounds like. It is an auto policy where the vehicle is used in the course of business. It can be provided for both owned and non-owned vehicles.

Loss of Income – This too is just what it sounds like, it is a coverage designed to replace the verifiable stream of revenue a business lost as a result of a covered loss.

Equipment Breakdown – This coverage is designed to protect the vital systems that your business needs to operate. Here are a few examples heat, air conditioning, phones, computers, elevator and many others.

Commercial Umbrella – This policy is a very cost effective way to purchase higher limits of liability protection that will cover most all of the exposures that a business may have.

An in depth discussion with a licensed insurance professional like Fraleigh and Rakow is the best way to determine the most appropriate package and coverage for you business. Once a complete program is developed and agreed to the insurance should be marketed to several quality companies to arrive at the best combination of coverage and premium.

Commercial Insurance FAQs

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