Fraleigh and Rakow helps to create a new regional insurance agency

4 December 2020

Fraleigh and Rakow helps to create a new regional insurance agency
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 Hudson Valley Insurance Agencies Form The Reis Management Group, LLC

Frank H. Reis, Inc. has partnered with The Pleasant Valley Agency Inc, Duxbury & Hermans Inc, Fraleigh and Rakow Inc and The Mahan Agency Inc (all previously known as The Main Street Group) to create The Reis Management Group LLC.  The new operating agreement is designed to provide increased stability, improved insurance services, and shared resources and ideas via our combined carriers. In addition, The Reis Management Group LLC will allow for an expanded service area.

“This partnership with The Main Street group will help us cross the imperceptible wall that has always separated Dutchess and Ulster Counties as well as give us the desired strength in numbers with the combining of all our current carriers,” explained Paul Casciaro, CEO.

Frank H. Reis, Inc. is a Hudson Valley-based insurance agency offering a variety of insurance products to meet clients’ personal and business needs.  The Reis Group is currently licensed in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Utah, New Hampshire, Maryland, Arizona, Florida, California, Nevada, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee.

The Pleasant Valley Agency was established in 1955, and continues to serve clients throughout the Hudson Valley.

Serving the Mid-Hudson Valley since 1995, Fraleigh and Rakow have built a reputation within Rhinebeck and the surrounding area for client satisfaction with an eye on coverage as well as value

Duxbury and Hermans currently has offices in Millerton and Pine Plains, serving some 3,000 customers in Northern Dutchess/Southern Columbia and Northwest Litchfield Counties.

The Mahan Agency is located in Hyde Park, New York, and has been serving Hudson Valley residents since 1990.

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