Summertime Waterside Safety Tips

7 December 2020

Summertime Waterside Safety Tips

With tomorrow being July 4th I’m sure many people have plans to spend the day with family and friends around a pool, lake or ocean, I know some of us certainly do! So here are some waterside safety tips to keep your family celebration afloat!

• If there’s no lifeguard on duty, ALWAYS use the buddy system

• If you’re in the ocean make sure to know what the tides are like that day

• Make sure kids are always in earshot and line of sight

• Know your own ability, don’t try to do anything you’re not ready for

• If there’s a gate on your pool, make sure it’s closed if no adults are on the deck

• Be sure to apply sunscreen early and reapply regularly throughout the day.

• Don’t swim if you’re intoxicated

• Don’t swim if there’s a thunderstom

• Heed any warning signs or verbal warnings from any staff near the water

• Only use equipment provided for its intended purpose

• And the most important tip of all… HAVE FUN

Safe swimming!

Happy 4th of July!

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