Tips for a Safe Halloween

7 December 2020

Tips for a Safe Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner this week we’re talking about tips for a FUN & SAFE Halloween!

1. Always remember to look both ways before you cross the street, and use a crosswalk if you can! It’s important to go to houses on both sides of the street, that way you get the most candy!

2. Carry a flashlight in case you’re in a particularly spooky spot!

3. If you have food allergies always check the wrappers BEFORE you eat the candy.

4. Never eat candy that has a ripped or open wrapper.

5. Don’t eat too much candy on Halloween, you’ll want to save some so you have it for the next time you want candy!

6. Use the buddy system, your buddy can be a friend, a sibling or even your parent!

7. Make sure your costume is super cool but will also be warm enough to wear out at night, you don’t want to have to go home early because you’re cold and miss out on all the candy!

8. Make sure you bring a bag big enough to fit all of the candy you’ll get!

9. Don’t forget to have FUN with your friends and family!

Happy Halloween!

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