What Should I Ask for Before Hiring Someone to do Work on my Property?

7 December 2020

What Should I Ask for Before Hiring Someone to do Work on my Property?

That “To-Do” list we all have never seems to get any shorter, does it? That’s why it sometimes makes more sense to just hire a professional to take care of a few of the items on the list like landscaping or painting, and for the bigger items on the list that we may not be able to do alone like roofing, plumbing and electric work.

But what exactly should you be asking for when looking for someone to do work in or on your home or business? Besides just researching the quality of their work it’s important to make sure that they have the proper coverage for the work they’re doing while on your property so that you as the home or business owner are protected.

During your initial conversations with them we suggest that you ask them to be able to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance listing you as an additional insured for both General Liability and for Worker’s Compensation, if they have a crew working on your property, upon the beginning of the job. The certificate would reassure you that the company or person you’re hiring has their own insurance and that their workers are covered by their insurance policy, all while they’re working on your property.

We suggest you ask for a Certificate of Insurance from anyone you hire to come onto your property to do any kind of work such as, but not limited to;







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